Auto Welding Helmet ET-TC 500A

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Auto Welding Helmet ET-TC 500A

MultiPro Welding Accessories Auto Welding Helmet ET-TC 500A

No. Type Part Number Unit
1 Helmet ET-TC 500A 5.M02.500.A01 PCS
2 Filter Lens ET-TC 500A 5.M02.500.FLO PCS
3 Lens Protection ET-TC 500A Back 5.M02.500.LPB PCS
4 Lens Protection ET-TC 500A Front 5.M02.500.LPF PCS
5 Head Gear 5.MX0.000.HGB PCS
MultiPro Auto Welding Helmet ET-TC 500A Technical Parameter
Optical Class 1/1/1/2
Filter Size 110 * 90 * 9 mm
Active Viewing Area 96 mm * 39 mm
Arc Sensor 2
Light Shade DIN 4
Dark Shade DIN 9-13
Shade Control Internal Variable
Switching Time 1/30000 S
Sensitivity Adjustment Adjustment
Delay Time 0.1 S – 1.0 s Stepless Variable (Internal)
Power Supply Solar Cell, 1*CR2032 Li-Battery Change Required
Rated Capacity of Li-Battery 600 mAh
Opening Temp -10oC ~ +60oC
Storing Temp -20oC ~ +70oC
Low Amperage TIG Rated >5 amp
Mask Material PA/PP
UV/IR Protection Shade DIN 16 Permanent
Grind YES/NO
Test X
Low Battery No, Red LED Light
Cut Yes

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